Monday, June 21, 2010

BZerk wheels, Shock Doctor Hockey Insoles

So, for those of you that don't know me, I have special needs feet. They are flat, wide in the toe, narrow in the heel, and attached to very damaged ankles. I am on my 5th pair of skates and have tried every insole known to woman, including custom orthodics. Every single one of them gave me horrible foot cramps, so I've been skating on nothing.
I'd been doing some research on insoles, and noticed that a lot of derby peeps on various forums were singing the praises of the Shock Doctor Hockey Insoles, so naturally, I bought some. I figured that insoles designed to support your feet during the rigors of skating would be better than one designed for just walking or running in a straight line.
I WAS RIGHT!!!! Wheeeeee!!!!!! Finally! Not only did I not have to take them out after 5 minutes, but I was able to wear them straight through a 2 hour endurance practice. Holy shit, Batman.

Also new in the world of Servix are the new BZerk wheels, specifically the Madman (91A) and the Psycho (88A). I wore the Psychos on the inside (left side) of each skate as pushers. I think these wheels are ment to be the equivalent of the Atom line of wheels with the Psycho being like the Stinger, the Madman being like the Tracker, the Schitzo (hee hee) being like the D-Rod, and the Lunatic being like the Fusion. The wheels are hollow core (like the above-mentioned Atom wheels), had little to no break in time (also like Atom wheels), and were much more grippy than comparable durometers from Radar and Sure Grip. I was definitely able to dig in on the corners without feeling like I was skating through mud (the unfortunate side effect of some grippy wheels). They are priced about the same as Atom wheels too. Over all, LOVED THEM. The funky colors and names are a nice bonus :).

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  1. This is why you are my favorite rollergirl. Even though you have flat/wide feet like me, you still rocked the track as jammer and blocker.