Monday, June 21, 2010

The Heartless

Not a fan.

I'm a pretty sturdy girl and consider myself pretty agile. I could not skate on these wheels. I tried the green (90) and black (88) combo, which should be pretty grippy considering I usually skate on all 93s, but after an hour of practice I could barely stay upright. I crossed over, I slid. Someone hit me, I fell down. Not a good feeling!
Another teammate tried these wheels and face planted while trying to cross over. Three other girls skated most of a season in them, all but one went back to normal narrow or wide width wheels after these wore out.
I do know girls that love the crap out of these wheels, so borrow a set and try them out if you are interested, but I've never had this much trouble with a set of wheels before, so I'd definitely try them before you buy them.

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