Monday, June 21, 2010

The Ultimate Ultimate Slippery Combo

So I love me some Sugars and Trackers (see previous posts). And I love me some Atom wheels. So when Atom came out with the Poison, which is it's version of the Sugar, I of course "had" to have them. I bought them just in time for a tournament on slippery cement and did not wear them at all prior to skating the first bout. As usual with Atom wheels, no break in time. And unlike the Sugars, which still had some minimal sliding when taking corners at high speeds, I didn't slide at all with the Poisons. I did get some minor shin splits while warming up due to the insane amount of grip, but I adjusted to it after a few laps and had no issues during the actual bout. I've skated on these in two slippery venues and had great results.


For slippery sport court, I still think Grods and Sugars work the best. The Poisons were a little slow on this surface for me. Both Sugars and Poisons are great pushers if you have crappy wheels on the outside and can only afford 4 new wheels.

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