Monday, November 14, 2011

On the Run insoles, McDavid Derby shorts

So as much as I love my Shock Doctor Hockey insoles, I needed more support for my flat-ass feet. I went to a store in the Sunset called On the Run and a dude named William spent over an hour watching me walk around the store in various insoles until we found one that corrected my overpronation. I was skeptical about wearing them while skating (I've never been able to wear "real" orthotics in my skates without extreme cramping) but I figured I could wear them in my shoes if they didn't work out. I went ahead and paid the $60 and took them home.
The next day I had an outdoor bout, and I threw my new insoles in my skates just for shits and giggles. No cramping. Seriously.
I have had a few cramps since, mostly during weird stompy, agility drills, but only twice in the month that I've had them, and only in the beginning. I'm guessing that once I get them into my new custom Bonts (squeeee!!!!) I'll be in footsie heaven. Just waiting for those skates....
Anyway. They have three walls of different insoles and lots of footwear nerds who would love to help fix your feet. It's pricey, but if you have serious foot problems and the cheap ones aren't working, I'd give them a try.

As for the shorts. Skating for the highest ranked league in California is hard on the ass. And hips. And everything else. After a few hitting drills that left me with aching hips everytime I coughed (I wish I was kidding, but I'm so not), I decided to invest in some padded shorts. I'm a size 10, so I ordered a size large (says size 10-12). They run SNUG, but they are high waisted so it kinda doubled as a tummy slimmer. They were sleek and short enough to fit under my existing shorts (not the Lift and Separate, don't think that would work) , although you can definitely make out the hex pattern underneath. It's worth keeping my hips intact, although peeling those off my sweaty ass cheeks on bout day will be challenging. When I have more money, I'll prolly get another pair in a bigger size, or just go on a diet .

In happy news, my Sure Grip Avenger plates are in, just dropped my new custom Bonts off at Cruz to get mounted. My new skates should be born any day now!