Friday, April 23, 2010

Fugitive Mids and the ultimate slippery combo

Fugitive Mids
So first of all, we all know how much I love me some narrow G-rods. Or Omegas. I have a weakness in my heart for hollow core narrow wheels, but I wince a little every time I fork out those Atom dollars. So when Sure Grip came out with a narrow, hollow core version of their Fugitive wheel (the best value wheel out there), I had to get me some. They come in blue (90A), yellow (93A), and purple (86A), which is the holy trinity of durometer for most floors. I bought a set of each and have been in LOVE with these wheels. The yellow/purple combo is great on our floor (pretty grippy skate rink floor), and I used the blue/purple set for the slippery sport court at the Bakersfield Tourney and had no problems sliding out. Girls that like a harder wheel can go all yellow, girls that want more grip can go all blue, and girls that need maximum grip can go all purple. And for about $20 less than narrow G-rods (93A)! Several girls on my team have tried them over the past month or so, and I've heard nothing but good things, so check them out!

Slippery surface combo
Speaking of wheels, I had a stroke of genius right before heading to Tuscon for two days of polished cement tournament goodness. I usually rock a Sure Grip Sugar/G-Rod combo or all Stingers for this kind of thing, but I still get some sliding. If I switch to all Sugars or Sugars with 88A wheels, I feel a little sluggish. Enter the Atom Tracker, a perfect in between at 91A. I bought a set of 4 and wore them with my Sugars and was getting maximum roll with less sliding than I've ever had on this kind of surface (only a little during high speed turns). One of our tall, slender jammers also rocked this combo and also loved the crap out of it. It's a pretty inexpensive combo too.


  1. I have a question......I have a set of 8 orange Atom Trackers. I am a 4th or 3rd position blocker and I was wondering would you suggest skating on all 8 or when you said you used 4 did you use them as pusher wheels on the left side of your skate?? I need help with sliding on our wood floor or feeling like I am sliding and my current wheel are BALD.

  2. @ Valerie: Sorry it took me a while to see this! I'd say pair your Trackers with Poisons (as pushers) to give yourself more grip. Depending on your size and how crazy slippery your floor is, you may even want to try Poison pushers with an 88A wheel, such as a Stinger or a grey Sure Grip Fugitive. If you like narrow wheels, I really love narrow Poisons paired with either the lite blue (90A) or purple (86A) Fugitive Mid.